The Complete Self-Publishing Package

From printing to promotion, design to distribution–everything you need to become a published author for just $1,899 $1,699.

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The Complete Self-Publishing Package

From printing to promotion, design to distribution–everything you need to become a published author for just $1,899 $1,699.

Call 866-707-0024 to get started.

The Complete Self-Publishing Package

Printed books or eBooks? You need both.

Did you know that when you choose not to publish an eBook you’re losing between 35-40% of your potential reading audience? And if you elect to only publish an eBook, you're missing out a whole world of readers who still value the tactile experience of holding a book.

There’s no question that it’s critical to produce your book as both a printed book and eBook. Our most accomplished authors do this, and you should too in order for your book to reach the widest audience possible.

That’s why we offer the Complete Self-Publishing Package—it provides everything your book needs, all in one simple order:

25 custom-printed books

eBook conversion and global distribution

Professional cover design

Formatting for your printed book & eBook file

Worldwide distribution with Print On Demand

Direct-to-reader sales with BookShop™

New! Facebook Ads for Authors with campaign development

ISBNs for your printed book & eBook

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Why BookBaby is your best choice for printed books & eBooks

Self-publishing doesn't have to be complicated. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your journey from writer to author as easy as possible. We provide everything you need to make the printed book of your dreams:

  • The only 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee in the industry
  • Amazing customer service from self-publishing experts
  • High-quality, full-color in-house book printing
  • Free shipping on most book orders
  • The largest eBook retail network–BookBaby introduces your book to more readers worldwide than anyone else
  • Expert file conversion–Our pros will convert your digital document so it’s viewable on every eReader, tablet and smartphone
  • We are the only self-publishing company that sends you a finished proof of your eBook.
  • Enjoy more royalties with direct-to-reader sales–BookShop is your one-stop shop to sell both eBooks and printed books straight to your readers
  • Keep 100% of your net eBook sales–BookBaby takes zero commission!

Print On Demand (POD)

When your book is ordered, we print and ship your book direct to the customer. Your printed book will be available through the largest distribution network and retail sites. Books are printed as needed, no need for warehousing.

eBook Conversion and Distribution

You also get our famous eBook Self-Publishing Package, which includes conversion of your manuscript into ePub and .mobi files along with eBook distribution to the largest retail network in the world. Best of all, you get paid 100% — we take no commission!

Custom Printed Books

The Complete Self-Publishing Package includes 25 printed books (300 pg, 6x9, softcover, BLACK interior), which is perfect for author signings. But if you want to customize your order and get more bulk printed books upfront, no problem. Use our online ordering app to customize this package.

Cover Design

Designing a book cover is an art. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in print and eBook cover design in a wide variety of genres and will create a custom book cover that you can be proud of. Basic cover design (for both eBook and printed books) is included with the Complete Self-Publishing Package.

Facebook Ads for Authors

Advertising on Facebook can be challenging at first—especially if you don’t have general experience with social networking or book promotion. But that’s where our social media experts come in: they have the skills and knowledge to create a professional Facebook ad campaign that targets an audience of readers who are likely to have interest in your book. Learn more.

Keep 100% of your net eBook sales

Sell your book in the world’s biggest bookstores

Now's the time to make your book.

Get everything you need for a successful book launch for just $1,699 with this limited time offer!
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