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Do you already have an audiobook?

For just $99, authors can upload their existing audiobooks and sell them through BookBaby Bookshop: the world's most author-friendly bookstore. Here, you'll earn 75% royalties on each audiobook sale (you won't make this anywhere else).

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Audiobook sales are growing 40% per year

This is the fastest-growing segment of the book industry

Audiobook sales are growing 40% per year

Book sales by format (2022)

Ready to reach a new audience with your audiobook?

The BookBaby Bookshop is the perfect platform for selling your audiobook. Here are the perks to selling your audiobook on Bookshop:

  • Earn 75% royalties
  • Get paid weekly
  • Create coupons for your marketing campaigns
  • Grow your network by capturing your buyers’ email addresses
  • Robust analytics
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Audiobook cover design

Your audiobook may be digital, but it still needs a compelling cover. Our expert book cover designers are here to help create your custom audiobook cover. This service is available to anyone who is ordering an audiobook with us for an additional $599.

Audiobook cover design

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More to discover:

Are audiobooks profitable?

Yes! Audiobooks are continue to grow in popularity. In fact, they’re currently the fastest-growing aspect of the book industry. Now is the time to have your book available for readers to listen to anywhere.

When you publish an audiobook with BookBaby, you’ll receive the highest royalties in the market – 75% on every audiobook sold! That’s a significant increase from ACX/Audible’s 25-40% payout. Plus, you’ll get your own author page on Bookshop where you can sell your audiobook directly to readers.

Can I self-publish an audiobook?

Just like with printed books and eBooks, you can absolutely self-publish an audiobook. And when you self-publish with BookBaby, you’ll have everything you need in one place – including Print On Demand services, editing services, Facebook advertising, and much more! Check out our self-publishing packages to get started.

Where will my audiobook be available for purchase?

Your audiobook will be available for purchase at the BookBaby Bookshop, the internet's most author-friendly bookstore! This allows us to give the greatest percentage of royalties back to you, the author.