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BookBaby Bookshop

An author-friendly way to sell books

Bookshop makes it easy for independent authors to reach their readers. With Bookshop, direct sales no longer involve personally managing inventory and fulfillment. Bookshop empowers authors to bypass Amazon and big-box retailers by selling directly to readers — without any of the hassle.

BookBaby Bookshop is a fair-trade bookstore that prioritizes author equity. Bookshop has been empowering authors worldwide since 2014 by paying the highest royalty rates in the industry.


Printed book royalties


Audiobook royalties


eBook royalties

Here’s why you should sell on BookBaby Bookshop:

  • Earn 3x more per sale than standard distribution
  • Never sweat inventory (your book is always in stock)
  • Get paid faster (your money is deposited within one week of a sale)
  • Turn your self-published book into a business with powerful tools and analytics
  • Track sales data and buyer metrics (traffic updates, traffic sources, buyer location, and device type)
  • Control your payouts by setting your own price
BookBaby Bookshop

How much can you make selling on Bookshop?
Here are some example pricing and royalties:

Printed book sales


Printed book sales
Retail Royalty
$14.99 $7.50

Audiobook sales


Audiobook sales
Retail Royalty
$19.99 $15.00

eBook sales


eBooks sales
Retail Royalty
$9.99 $8.50

Prices shown are examples, and royalties are based on BookBaby’s current royalties by format.

The Cine Lens Manual

"Bookshop not only gave us a built-in e-commerce solution, but it also gave us a chance to maximize royalties. After a great deal of research, we elected to distribute our book exclusively through Bookshop for the first six months before expanding to other distribution outlets where our royalty share would be substantially less. This allowed us to maximize profits. Initially Bookshop was our only revenue source, and the results have been extraordinary."

Jay Holben Jay Holben co-author, The Cine Lens Manual
If You Touch, I'll Tell

"With Bookshop, you set your book's price and manage how your book is sold. When I wanted to offer a promotional discount, I was able to quickly create a coupon right from my Bookshop account. With Print On Demand, your book can be available to any bookstore across the globe — a service that will forever revolutionize and innovate the way self-published authors make their titles accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world."

Dr. Shamina Aubuchon Dr. Shamina Aubuchon Author, If You Touch, I'll Tell
We Believe

"Having my book on Bookshop gave me the opportunity for immediate exposure. The ability to copy the Bookshop link to various social media platforms helped provide much-needed awareness and convenient access for readers to purchase. Easy to navigate and search with one click of a button, Bookshop's site offers an enjoyable experience. Once on the book's landing page, the overview, description, and author biography are well laid out. My experience from start to finish with BookBaby was very positive, especially being a first-time author."

Evan Satinoff Evan Satinoff Author, We Believe
Served From My Family Table to Yours

"I couldn't be happier that I chose BookBaby to publish my first cookbook. With Bookshop, they print and ship to order! They totally handle the customer interface and send me a nice royalty check each month. They ship the copy to the customers quickly — often within a week! For me, that means no hassling with storing inventory or putting out thousands of dollars before recouping expenses."

Caroline Somers Caroline Somers Author, SERVED: From My Family Table to Yours
Successful BookBaby authors
Sales & marketing

Earn the highest royalty rates in the publishing industry

If you are not a BookBaby distributed author, you can still sell your book on Bookshop for a one-time setup fee of $149. Learn more about how Print On Demand works and schedule a time to work with one of our publishing specialists to get started!

Share your book with our growing community of indie book enthusiasts

BookBaby Reads is a popular blog built exclusively for readers who love indie books. The blog shares daily content featuring books, genre lists, and author interviews. All content is shared weekly to a growing list of over 150,000 active book buyers.

Bookshop Promotion Bundle

Reach more readers with the exclusive Bookshop Promotion Bundle

Available with the Deluxe Self-Publishing Package and the Premium Self-Publishing Package, the Bookshop Promotion Bundle helps you get your book in front of thousands of potential readers. The bundle places your book:

  • Front and center as a New Release on the homepage of Bookshop for one week
  • In a callout in a Bookshop New Release email sent to over 150,000 book buyers browsing for new titles to read
  • On Bookshop's popular social media channels with a direct link to your sales page

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This bookstore is built for authors – and changing the game

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my Bookshop page?

Bookshop is a great tool to use as it will allow you to have another outlet to sell your book, with an added bonus of getting more in royalties (50% for Print and 85% for eBook).

To set up your Bookshop page, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your BookBaby account
  2. Click on Bookshop Pages under the Bookshop Manager on the left hand side of your screen
  3. If you see a red X next to your listing, click and drag until it becomes a green check mark
  4. Click on green edit button
  5. Edit desired section.
  6. Scroll to the top and click Publish Changes

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How do my readers buy my book?

When you create your Bookshop, your page has a “buy button” where your readers can purchase the eBook or POD print book directly. If you want to give readers the choice of where to purchase your book, it’s important that you provide links to your preferred Book retailer sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, etc.) — so your fans can click those links to purchase your book.

How do I create Bookshop coupons?

Bookshop Coupons are a wonderful promotional tool you can use to offer discounts to friends/family/whoever you want when they purchase your title through the BookBaby Bookshop.

To get started, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your BookBaby account
  • Click on Bookshop Coupons under the Bookshop Manager
  • Click on Add Coupon next to the book title
  • Enter a description for coupon
  • Enter code or generate code
  • Determine if you want to do a dollar amount off or a percentage off the book. Please keep in mind that our coupons cannot be applied to shipping or tax
  • Enter coupon usage (Optional)
  • Enter Start Date and Expiration Date for coupon
  • Click on Create Coupon Button

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