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Customized Bookmarks and Posters for Your Self-Published Book

Stir up a commotion like a pro with customized bookmark and poster printing to promote your book.

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Promoting in bookstores and libraries creates opportunities to interact with potential readers, establish trust, and generate excitement about your book.

Get the most out of each meet and greet, speaking engagement, or writer’s conference by using personalized bookmarks and printed posters—customized with artwork from your book. Or simply use a personalized bookmark as your business card. You’ll have an easier time drawing attention and gaining exposure for your upcoming book release with these effective promotional items.

Bookmark Printing

Send a message every time readers flip open a book with custom bookmarks.

1.75" x 7" bookmarks with full color on both sides: $0.29 each (minimum 100)

Poster Printing

Build the buzz with high-quality custom printed posters made to stand out.

11" x 17" posters: 100 for $59
18" x 24" posters: 300 for $198

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to print bookmarks and posters in different sizes?

Yes, various sizes of bookmarks and posters can be printed based on your requirements. While other book printing companies usually offer standard sizes, we allow requests for custom sizes when necessary.

Can I use my own design for bookmarks and posters?

Certainly! Most printing companies allow users to upload their own designs for custom-printed bookmarks and posters.

What type of paper is recommended for bookmarks and posters?

For high-quality bookmarks, we use paper that is heavier in weight (around 14pt) to guarantee durability. The kind of paper suitable for posters, however, depends on the poster's size and usage. For larger posters, you might want to consider heavier paper or even vinyl material, while for smaller posters, lighter paper may suffice.

Can I place bulk orders for bookmarks and posters?

Yes, we offer bulk printing options for custom-printed bookmarks and posters. Placing bulk orders can result in lower costs per item and can be an excellent choice for events, book launches, and promotional purposes.