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Fixed Layout eBook Conversion

Let BookBaby create Fixed Layout files for Amazon and Apple Books.

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What is Fixed Layout?

Standard eBooks feature a dynamic (flowable) layout for text and images. This means that your eBook will look different when viewed on different eReaders.

Fixed Layout files quite literally “affix“ images and text to exact spots on each electronic page--just like their printed book counterparts—so that they look the same, regardless of which reader you use.

Fixed Layout eBooks

Does your eBook need a Fixed Layout?

Most eBooks do not require a Fixed Layout file. Fixed Layout files are only needed when it’s important that the images and text appear in a specific and consistent way. These books are usually good candidates for a Fixed Layout conversion:

  • Illustrated children’s books
  • Cookbooks
  • Coffee table books
  • Graphic novels
  • Textbooks and technical manuals
  • Any book that relies on a heavily-designed, static presentation, full-page images, or text that overlaps with images.

Fixed Layout for Amazon & Apple Books—$499 plus $5 per page.*

The technical experts at BookBaby can convert your interactive high-resolution PDF files into an eBook with a Fixed Layout designed especially for Amazon’s Kindle and the Apple Books app. This will ensure that your eBook displays the same way whether it’s being viewed on an iPad, iPhone or Amazon Kindle devices. (Important: This service is for Amazon and Apple Books only. We currently don’t produce Fixed Layout files for the Barnes & Noble NOOK tablet. *Price does not include distribution to Amazon or Apple Books store.)

Need help?

Not sure if Fixed Layout is for you? Call one of our knowledgeable Publishing Specialists to discuss your project.
Call us toll free at 1-877-961-6878 Monday thru Friday (9am-6pm ET).

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Fixed Layout different from a PDF?

Fixed-layout ebooks use the EPUB file format or an interactive PDF file to create the ebook. They can also be sold and purchased through third-party retailers, such as Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon. These ebooks feature two-page spreads and page-turn animations in the iPad and Kindle Fire to give you the experience of reading a traditional print book.

PDFs, on the other hand, cannot be purchased through the iBookstore or through Amazon. While a PDF can be saved and viewed on Apple or Kindle devices they don't have the full-display capabilities of a fixed-layout ebook.

Where can I sell my Fixed Layout eBook?

BookBaby is now offering Fixed Layout for Apple and Amazon online bookstores. Our team will provide you with a fixed layout for both distributors.

Can BookBaby create enhanced Fixed Layout eBooks with video and audio files?

Yes, BookBaby can create these kinds of enhanced eBook files. Please call BookBaby customer service for a price quote.