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BookBaby Referral Program: Partner Program

The BookBaby Partner Program is a true win-win for everyone. Your referred authors enjoy all the benefits of working with the nation's most-trusted printing and self-publishing company.

BookBaby Partners earn an exciting 10% commission on every new client referral for orders exceeding $100.

Who can become a BookBaby Partner?

Anyone can join the program, and it's easy to sign up. Even if you're brand new to BookBaby or just a friend of an author, we'll pay you commission on their first project. BookBaby Partners must be U.S. residents.

Writing Coaches
Small Publishers

Who can become a BookBaby Partner?

You'll earn 10% commission on every completed project from your referral*

Our generous commission rate can mean average payments of $50 to $200 or more on your author’s first printing or publishing project

*BookBaby pays a commission for every new client project that exceeds $100. Commissions do not apply to reorders or additional projects purchased by the referred client. Please read the full terms and conditions.

Why refer authors to BookBaby?

Why refer authors to BookBaby?

  • Reliable specialists help authors choose the right self-publishing products and services for their books
  • Affordable custom book printing in all standard trim sizes and binding types
  • The world's widest distribution network, including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart
  • Books are made in as fast as three days by skilled professionals in our Philadelphia-area facility
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

How the Partner Program works:

  1. Sign up to become a BookBaby Partner
    Set up your account in just a few simple steps
  2. Make your referral
    After you've signed up, we'll provide a direct link that sends your referral to a dedicated webpage
  3. Track their progress
    Follow your referral's project status through your BookBaby Partner account dashboard
  4. Get paid
    You'll receive a 10% commission once your referral's project is completed
How the Partner Program works
Enroll today

How to make your referral:

After you’ve signed up, we’ll provide a direct link that sends your referral to a dedicated webpage. This page personally invites your referral to work with BookBaby while showing the benefits of working with our professional team. Share it and you’ll have an easier time gaining referrals.

After they follow the link to sign up, they’ll become one of your referred clients. You’ll then be eligible to receive a commission and will be able to track their project progress. This is the only way you can receive credit for your author referrals. We cannot accept referrals via phone calls or after the printing project has been received.

You can refer anyone looking to publish that hasn’t worked with BookBaby yet. Authors can only be referred once by one Partner.

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Inside you’ll find images and swipe copy you can use to promote the program to your audience.

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Being a certified BookBaby Partner is an easy way to make extra income while helping authors bring their project to life with professional book printing, publishing, editing, and book marketing services.

Set up your account and start earning commissions.

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Looking for the BookBaby Affiliate Program? Our Affiliate Program has been replaced by our high-commission BookBaby Partner Program. Sign up today!