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Book Editing Services

These are the partners we trust.

There’s a reason every publisher employs a team of world-class editors. They play an absolutely essential part in the success of any book. Book editors go beyond just correcting grammar and fixing typos. A professional editor can help authors become better writers, teaching them skills and ways of thinking that will benefit their future books. So, if you haven’t had a professional editor edit your book, now is the time to do so.

There are dozens of editing services out there, but these are the partners we trust. Any one of these companies can help you turn your good book into a great one.

Book editing partners



Established in 1994, FirstEditing.com has helped tens of thousands of authors worldwide to achieve their publishing goals – including many of Bookbaby’s clients! Let them show you how!

First, get an instant on-screen price quote that is firm. No hidden fees. No obligations.
Next, FirstEditing.com offers a FREE sample of your writing within 24 hours so that you can safely try before you buy.
Get a FREE sample of your writing.

All editing has a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Check out what their tens of thousands of clients have to say by
clicking here.

Get a 20% discount as a BookBaby VIP! Simply enter VIPBB15 at checkout! Get a custom quote.



Edit911 offers BookBaby’s clients a 10% discount! When you submit payment, simply type BB10 into the Apply Coupon box.

Since Edit911’s founding in 1999, our staff of 85 PhD’s has edited approximately 10,000 novels and non-fiction books, many of them for publication. Click here for details regarding the editing we perform on books.

Please check our staff’s impressive credentials and read our clients’ testimonials. We want our clients to be completely confident in our skills and professionalism. We encourage you to Google the Internet to see if you can find one negative word about Edit911.

Novel Gazing

Novel Gazing

Want to see how your manuscript can go from good to great? Send your first five pages and Novel Gazing will send the revised text back to you within 48 hours, absolutely FREE!

Once you’ve seen how Novel Gazing’s professional editing services can help your manuscript really stand out, take advantage of their 10% savings on proofreading, copyediting, and full book editing services by using the discount code BOOKBABY10. To get started, visit Novel Gazing or send an e-mail to: info@novelgazing.org.

Edit My Novel

Edit My Novel

Behind every great writer, there’s a great editor. Trust your manuscript to an editor who knows what it takes to write a bestseller, because she’s done it. At Edit My Novel, USA Today bestselling author Cara Lockwood will help you work toward your goal of becoming a bestselling author.

Edit My Novel offers full copyediting and developmental editing at reasonable prices (less than two cents per word). With experience in both traditional and self-publishing, she’s also happy to offer advice on how you can make your self-published book more likely to attract a traditional publishing contract. Learn more about Edit My Novel.

Winning Edits

Winning Edits

Winning Edits is an editorial agency devoted to helping authors grow successful careers through the writing of important books. Winning Edits works with world-class authors like Todd Henry, renown entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn, and industry experts like Tim Grahl.

Winning Edits specializes in developmental, line, and copyediting of nonfiction books. Winning Edits routinely works in the genres of creativity, marketing, leadership, management, entrepreneurship, online business, startups, productivity, and similar business categories.

Winning Edits began through a love of storytelling merged with a passion for digital publishing and an entrepreneurial spirit. Winning Edits has had the privilege of knowing and gaining inspiration from the likes of NYT bestselling authors Daniel Pink, Jason Fried, and Chris Guillebeau.

To submit a project planner that will help us understand how we can help you click here.



ProWritingAid is a world-class, FREE online editing tool. A good editing tool won’t change your style or point out your plot holes. Its job is to flag up potential technical issues so you can make sure your ideas are expressed in the best way. It will get your manuscript one step further along so that your (human) Editor can focus on content and style rather than readability.

ProWritingAid identifies hidden and passive verbs, overuse of adverbs and glue words, overcomplicated sentences, redundancies and clichés, repetitive structures and much more (25 reports).

The Premium version (just $35/year) includes add-ins for Word, Google Documents, WordPress and Writemonkey. BookBaby authors get a 10% discount by entering BB10. www.prowritingaid.com.



If you are a self-publishing writer looking to prepare your book for publication then we can help. Finding a good editor is hard! You never know if they are legit, or if they have the chops to do the job or if your book is just going to be palmed off to some two bit freelancer looking to make a quick buck.

As a self-publishing writer you can’t ignore this problem and your best bet is to go with a company that has a proven track record and actually seems to care. That’s where we come in… BubbleCow have been making books better with thorough editorial feedback from professional, supportive and honest editors since 2007.

Our unique service provides structural editing, line editing, proofreading and ebook cover design for just $30 per 1000 words. You pay once, submit and we do the rest. No hassle, no hidden cost, no stress. Find out more here.



Choosing a service to edit your writing is a big decision. You need a company that understands how important your work is to you and that employs only the best, most experienced editors.

Scribendi.com, a leader in online editing and proofreading, offers services for every stage of the revision process, including editing, proofreading, critiquing, and formatting, to help you convey your message clearly.

Claim your free sample edit today or contact us for more information.

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