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Paperback Book Printing & Publishing Services

The book style that’s made to connect with readers.

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Paperback books

The Essence of Paperback Book Printing Perfected

>Welcome to BookBaby, where your stories transcend the digital realm and leap into the tangible world through our expert paperback book printing. We cherish each word you write, which is why our book printing service is meticulously designed to encapsulate the essence of your narrative within the pages of a high-quality paperback book.

Tailored Printing Options for Your Unique Tale

Navigating the journey from manuscript to published work is an art in and of itself. Our diverse self-publishing & printing options offer a bespoke experience, ensuring your softcover book meets and exceeds expectations. From color printing for photo books to printing truly any book size, we offer a variety of options to help you create the perfect vision for your book and make sure it is crafted with precision and care.

Your Vision, Our Mission

We believe in making the dream of publishing a paperback book a reality for independent authors everywhere. With a focus on exceptional paperback printing service and a plethora of styling options, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Embrace the possibility of seeing your book in print and join the ranks of published authors with BookBaby's dedicated support.

Remember the last time you fell in love with a paperback book?

You kept it close — because putting it down was too difficult. You took your favorite popular books everywhere — just to read a couple of pages in a spare moment. And if you want your readers to do the same with your book, then you make it a paperback.

What's a paperback book?

Paperback books (also known as softcover or softback books) are typically made with a thick paper or cardboard book cover and held together with flexible glue binding, or perfect binding. They’re small and lightweight, making them perfect travel companions. Paperbacks are also popular for many book styles, including children’s fiction, young adult fiction, romance, poetry, graphic novels, and religious books.

Printing and publishing your paperback book

You can find all of the printing and self-publishing services you need for your paperback book right here at BookBaby. We offer everything to help you create your custom book, from cover design to editing to book printing services, and our Publishing Specialists will work with you from start to finish. All you need is your finished manuscript to turn it into a series of popular books!

From wrapping up a chapter during lunch to falling asleep mid-sentence at night, there’s no better way to stay connected to your readers than with a paperback book.

Make a book readers will keep close by with all the paper stocks, cover finishes, and printing options needed to make the softcover of your dreams.

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Our most popular paperback book trim sizes:

Romance Pocket Book 4.25" x 6.87"

Pocket Book 4.25" x 6.87"

Softcover, Perfect Binding, 60lb natural
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Religion US Trade 6" x 9"

US Trade 6" x 9"

Softcover, Perfect Binding, 60lb natural
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Children's Square 10" x 10"

Square 10" x 10"

Softcover, Perfect Binding, 80lb gloss
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Edit or regret it.

Give your manuscript the love it deserves with a professional editor.

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What is perfect binding?

Perfect binding is the adhesive-based bookbinding style of choice for most paperback books. After the back folds are cut off, the pages are bound by gluing, instead of stitching or stapling like in a magazine. See how BookBaby does perfect binding.

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More to Discover:

Where can I make a paperback book?

You can create and print your paperback book through BookBaby, which offers comprehensive printing and self-publishing services, including cover design and editing.

What is the difference between paperback and hard copy?

The main difference lies in the binding and cover material. Paperbacks have a soft paper or cardboard cover with flexible glue binding, while hard copies (hardcovers) have a cardboard cover that can be covered with paper, cloth, or fabric and are bound with adhesive case wrapping, making them sturdier but less portable than paperbacks.

What is paperback vs original?

The term "original" in publishing typically refers to the first format in which a book is published. A paperback can be the original if it's the first edition released, or it can be a subsequent, more portable, and affordable edition if the original was a hardcover.