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BookBaby vs. IngramSpark

Which book publisher should you trust when you decide to self-publish –
BookBaby or IngramSpark?

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Which self-publishing company is right for me?

Choosing a self-publishing company is a tough call to make, especially when you're just starting out. We frequently get asked which company—BookBaby or IngramSpark—is best for independent authors. "They seem the same to me," you might say. But that's far from the truth. Let's set the record straight about what you get with IngramSpark publishing.

Should I self-publish my book with BookBaby or IngramSpark?

How would you prefer to have your questions answered? A 35-page file preparation guide, or a friendly chat on the phone with a BookBaby publishing specialist? Check IngramSpark reviews and you'll learn that they are 100% self-service. That means if you have a question about paper stock or ink density then you'll have to find it yourself. Just because it's called self-publishing doesn't mean you have to do it all yourself.

BookBaby prides itself on its smart and friendly customer support. We'll be there for you and we'll make it easier than ever to self-publish a book. Our US-based publishing team is standing by to answer any and all of your questions by phone (1-877-961-6878), email, and live chat, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Are you SURE you changed that typo?

IngramSpark uses a fully automated system that directly uploads your files to their printing press. Sounds cool, right? But what if there are errors that need to be addressed before going to print? That can lead to printed books with errors, forcing you to pay double what you expected when you have to re-run them.

When you look at BookBaby vs IngramSpark, all BookBaby book designers are experienced in prepress, offering more nuanced expertise than IngramSpark. They get it right the first time, personally inspecting each and every one of your files to make sure they meet the technical requirements for quality, error-free book printing.

Is BookBaby better than IngramSpark?

BookBaby offers more control and higher payouts than IngramSpark, helping our authors generate revenue throughout the lifespan of their books. IngramSpark pays 45-70% of the listing price for printed titles in their book distribution network and only 40% for eBooks.

BookBaby offers Bookshop™, a free online storefront for authors to sell both eBooks and printed books (via Print On Demand) direct to readers. With Bookshop™, you earn 85% of your eBook sales, and printed books can earn up to 3X more than competing retailers. Our BookBaby reviews emphasize the usefulness and reliability of our seller tools. Best of all, you have total control of your very own storefront to help you showcase and sell your work.

Payout comparison

BookBaby IngramSpark
eBook payout 85% 40%
Printed book payout Up to 3x more than competitors 45-70%

More book distributor than publisher

IngramSpark's goal is to be the biggest book distributor in the world. They are more focused on adding your book to their catalog to help boast their numbers to retailers. Additional services aren't offered—no editing, cover design, formatting, ISBN assignment or proofing—all essentials to successfully publishing your book.

In contrast, BookBaby provides, well, all of the above—and at a professional level. No matter where you are in your self-publishing journey, we offer the resources to help you reach the finish line. We have all of the tools you need in one convenient destination.

Don't take it from us. Our customers gladly vouch for us.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not thrilled with our work—whether it's eBook conversion, cover design, or print quality—we'll work with you until you are. That's our publishing promise to you.

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