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BookBaby vs. Christian Faith Publishing

Which is the right choice to help you spread the word?

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Writing a Christian faith book is an exciting, meaningful venture which will help you spread the word to others. You may ask yourself, “Who should I choose when publishing my books?” The answer is simple. Your publishing experience should be stress free. That’s why it’s important to choose the right company to help you publish your book, and you may find yourself weighing out your options between BookBaby and Christian Faith Publishing.

When it comes to faith publishing, both companies are great options in getting your book into the hands of readers, let’s take a closer look at what we here at BookBaby have to offer, versus the folks at Christian Faith Publishing.

Have more freedom with BookBaby

Right from the start, it can be difficult to work with Christian Faith Publishing when you’re looking to publish your book. Their publishing process begins with signing a non-disclosure agreement in order for their publishing team to even determine their interest. Additionally, they screen all of their books before publishing to ensure that they adhere to their specific guidelines and subject matters. While you want to be confident that your publisher has the same morals and standards as you, you’ll also want to feel a sense of empowerment – especially in choosing to self-publish. You deserve to have creative control, and you’ll get the best of both worlds when working with BookBaby.

At BookBaby, we’re more than just a publishing company. We’re people who hear your vision first. Our goal is to get your message out to readers – not ours. Plus, you’ll have full creative control in designing your book cover, the editing process, book formatting, and much more. We welcome Christian writers to curate their books with the help of our expert publishing specialists. We won’t make faith-based publishing authors jump through any hoops.

Earn more through BookBaby

Writing your book is an act of servitude, but the more you make from it, the more resources you’ll have to spread the word. With Christian Faith Publishing, your full payment is returned on investment, and afterwards, Christian Faith Publishing will charge a 50-cent royalty on every copy of your book sold.

BookBaby, on the other hand, offers Bookshop™, a free online storefront for authors to sell their eBooks and printed books (via Print On Demand) directly to readers. With Bookshop™, you earn 85% of your eBook sales, and printed books can earn up to 3X more than competing retailers. Best of all, you have total control of your own storefront to help you showcase and sell your work.

Service BookBaby Christian Faith Publishing
eBook payout 85% 70%
Printed book payout Up to 3x more than competitors You pay 50 cent royalty fee on every book sold

Plus, your eBook will be distributed to over 60 stores in 170 countries. With BookBaby’s Print On Demand program, your printed book will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram Network, Powells, Books-A-Million, and of course, Christian Book Distributors, and more! More distribution equals more readers, which equals more earnings.

Self-publishing experts

Watch out for vanity publishers

Christian Faith Publishing is what’s known as a “vanity publisher.” Essentially, authors pay them to publish their books, and in return they’re promised marketing and a wide variety of sellers. Also known as subsidy publishing, this is a different method than self-publishing in that the book becomes the property of the publisher. This means that your creation will no longer be owned by you, and you still won’t be able to be sure that it will get into the hands of readers.

At BookBaby, your book is 100% yours, right down to the pricing options. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting each step of the way – including how much you’ll be able to earn from book sales.

Work with an expert publishing team

The publishing team at BookBaby is here to work with you from the time we receive your manuscript to the moment when you’re holding your printed book in your hands. Our printed books are created right here at our U.S.-based printing facility, which has experience with printing Christian children’s books, biblical studies, memoirs, religious testimonials, and stories inspired by faith.

You can rely on over 4,000 BookBaby reviews which vouch for our expertise. Contrarily, it’s hard to find Christian faith publishing reviews, so it’s hard to know exactly what you’ll be getting out of the experience. With BookBaby, we’re straightforward.

Helpful and friendly customer support

Helpful and friendly customer support

Being an independent author of faith doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. Our customer support team is dedicated to answering your questions and helping you with any challenges along the way. Based right here in the USA, our self-publishing specialists are standing by to answer any and all of your questions by phone (1-877-961-6878) or email ( Our Publishing Specialists are available from 9 am to 8 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our stellar customer reviews are a testament to the satisfaction of our authors. Common themes in our reviews include praises for our knowledgeable publishing specialists, quality products, and quick turnaround times. If you're not thrilled with our work—whether it's eBook conversion, cover design, or print quality—we'll work with you until you are. That's our publishing promise to you.

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