Enter to win the BookBaby Editing Giveaway: 10 days of free copy and line editing. Learn more.

Enter to win the BookBaby Editing Giveaway: 10 days of free copy and line editing. Learn more.

Is CreateSpace Ending Author Services?

Here’s what happened to CreateSpace and how BookBaby can seamlessly pick up the pieces for current and former CreateSpace authors.

What happened to CreateSpace?

For 18 years, CreateSpace was a great self-publishing resource for independent authors. But recently they ended their author services, which included marketing, book editing, cover design, and book formatting, most likely because customized services were not worth the time and investment for a company of Amazon’s size. This caused a ripple effect that left many authors searching for a professional alternative.

“After a thorough review of our service offerings, we’ve made the decision to discontinue CreateSpace’s paid professional editing, design and marketing services. We will work closely with impacted employees through this transition to help them find new roles within the company or assist them with pursuing opportunities outside the company.” -statement from Amazon

What if you’ve used Amazon CreateSpace’s self-publishing services in the past to edit and design your book files?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place. BookBaby has everything you need to complete your book project—including a knowledgeable team ready by phone or online to help you navigate your publishing journey. Here’s how BookBaby can effortlessly help transition CreateSpace authors to continue to make their books their absolute best.

The Complete Publishing Package

Not only does it take printed books and eBooks to become a successful author, but also a great cover, well-executed interior design, and worldwide book distribution. If you’re in transition from CreateSpace, BookBaby can help you get it all done at once. Our Complete Self-Publishing Package has everything an independent author needs to make and deliver printed books and eBooks around the globe, including printed books, Print On Demand, eBook publishing, cover & interior design, ISBNs, live customer support, and more. Learn more about our Complete Self-Publishing Package

Copy and line editing

Every author needs a fresh pair of eyes to edit your book after dedicating months—even years—to writing. And yes, your sister could do it for free, but she’s probably not an experienced book editing professional.

What if you’ve relied on CreateSpace’s editing service in the past? Leave it to our team of editors (pros who have worked on New York Times Best Sellers) to get your manuscript to the finish line. Edit your book

Cover design for printed books and eBooks

With the millions of titles that publish every year, cover design isn’t just a look—it’s a necessity. CreateSpace no longer offers custom book covers and design for self-published authors, so let The BookBaby Design Studio’s expert book designers work with you to create a book cover that not only stops readers in their tracks, but also conveys what your book is all about. Design your book cover

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“I’ve used CreateSpace, Outskirts Press, and First Edition Design Publishing for my previous books. Each one had benefits and negatives. I’m still in the honeymoon phase with BookBaby, but already feel better about choosing them this time. They have been easy to work with and accommodating to my wishes.”
- Brian

Page formatting for printed books and eBooks

When book formatting is done well, you don’t even notice. But when it’s done poorly, or not at all, it’s impossible to ignore. With CreateSpace ending their book formatting and design services, you can trust our expert designers to layout your book’s chapter headings, image placement, and even line spacing—all of the things that make a book a book. We’ll even send you proofs to approve before finalization. Format your book

Single book printing

Author copies were a big deal to CreateSpace authors. And Amazon KDP does offer something similar today, but there’s one, small catch: your book copies are watermarked.

BookBaby authors can order a quality (the same print quality your readers will enjoy) copy of your book for $99. That goes for any book style too: paperback, hardcover, black & white, full-color, and any trim size. Bring your book to life, without the watermark

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“It was my first time using BookBaby after publishing my first four books with CreateSpace. I am completely happy with their service and will use them again for book six.”
- Marie

Amazon and beyond

Amazon is without a doubt an excellent company, and BookBaby has a great relationship with Amazon. So what’s the advantage of using BookBaby? Not only does BookBaby offer customized author services for self-publishers, we also deliver your books (both eBooks and printed books through our Print On Demand program) to Amazon AND hundreds of online and brick and mortar retail stores around the world.

See how you can get the most out of BookBaby and Amazon publishing all in one place.

Learn more

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Steven Spatz, President, BookBaby

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