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Which self-publisher should you trust with your book project?

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It’s a tough question to answer when you’re a first-timer. Independent authors frequently ask us which company—BookBaby or DiggyPOD—is really the best choice for their book? Let’s take a look at the differences and you can decide for yourself.

They have web pages. We have people.

Yes, all self-publishing companies should be providing insightful tips, techniques, and news to help independent authors succeed. But sometimes you need more assistance—a professional hand to help you complete your book.

BookBaby has a team of experts for every stage in your self-publishing journey—copy and line editing, cover design, interior formatting, book marketing, metadata optimization, and even a personalized online storefront.

Printing is one thing. Distribution is another ballgame.

Printing is one thing. Distribution is another ballgame.

Self publishing almost always includes distribution to stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many others. While DiggyPOD doesn’t offer authors any book distribution services, BookBaby has the world’s biggest book distribution network.

We deliver your books (both printed books and eBooks) to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, and hundreds of other online and brick and mortar stores across the world. If you want your eBook or Printed Book to be discovered by readers, BookBaby is your clear choice.

Your can make bank with BookBaby.

Make more money selling your book through BookBaby.

BookBaby pays out the highest royalties in the self publishing industry. We’ve negotiated advantageous eBook royalty rates for authors selling through websites like Amazon, where the bulk of self-published author income comes from. And we take zero commission, meaning more profit for you.

BookBaby authors make even more when they sell their printed books on BookShop™—your very own eCommerce selling page. You can make up to 50% royalties – the highest in the Print On Demand marketplace.

Smart and friendly customer support

Smart and friendly customer support

Our Publishing Specialists are based right here in the USA, ready to answer your questions by phone (877-961-6878), email, and live chat, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

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Look at a side-by-side comparison:

BookBaby DiggyPOD
Book printing
Printed book formatting
Printed book cover design
eBook cover design
eBook conversion Including format proofs
Print On Demand Including Amazon, B&N, Powell’s, and 50+ more stores, domestically and globally.
eBook distribution Including Amazon, B&N, Apple Books, and 50+ other stores around the world.
Personalized eCommerce selling page
Royalties Up to 85% for eBooks sold on BookShop. Up to 50% on Printed books sold on BookShop.

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