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Who should you trust with your all-important book project?

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Which publisher is right for you?

Amazon offers their own Print On Demand service, but after some recent changes to their editing, design, and marketing services, independent authors frequently ask us which company—BookBaby or CreateSpace—is really the best for their book?

Worldwide distribution

BookBaby gives you Amazon and so much more

CreateSpace is an excellent company. However, they primarily serve Amazon. At BookBaby we deliver your books (both eBooks and printed books through our Print on Demand program) to Amazon... AND you can get your books into hundreds of online and brick and mortar retail stores worldwide that are not available when you publish through CreateSpace.
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Self-publishing experts

A friendly expert is standing by to answer your questions

Publishing can be tricky and it’s often hard to get answers to your questions. Not with BookBaby. We believe in People Powered Publishing. Our self-publishing specialists are standing by to answer any and all of your questions. We think that makes us pretty unique in the publishing world and we do it because we want you to feel confident when you publish your book.

You can reach our specialists by phone, emails, and live chats, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Self-publishing experts

BookBaby ensures error-free publishing

Authors who go elsewhere routinely complain that some companies allow out-of-spec files to go to print, resulting in badly-printed books. That doesn’t happen at BookBaby. Our prepress specialists look at every single page, of every single book, we print to make sure it’s perfect. That’s part of how we deliver the absolute highest-quality printed books to the marketplace.

Independent authors

We specialize in publishing independent authors

We truly understand the needs of independent writers, and the challenges you face, and we’ve set up special services to help you be successful. After all, we’re the partner company of indie music powerhouse CD Baby, the company that’s helped hundreds of thousands of indie musicians sell their music on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and beyond. Plus, you’ll never get caught in a production queue behind some publishing behemoth’s book.

But isn’t CreateSpace free?

Yes, it’s true, and that only gets your book on Amazon, leaving your book unavailable at hundreds of other bookstores worldwide. BookBaby offers you the largest book distribution network anywhere, friendly, helpful self-publishing experts to walk you through the process, the highest quality printed books, and promotional tools for your book, all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This extra reach and higher quality can’t be done for free, and we feel that when you compare the convenience and value of BookBaby versus the other guys, BookBaby offers the best value to today’s serious author.

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