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Government Document Conversion

If you’re looking for document conversion services, look no further. BookBaby is an all-in-one solution for government document conversion and distribution in eBook format. In addition to offering the widest eBook distribution network, BookBaby pays out 100% of net sales back to the eBook author – the highest payout rate in the eBook distribution industry.

BookBaby is an approved government vendor with the creation of a federal–compatible Terms of Service (TOS) agreement. This is a special agreement negotiated between the federal government and vendors who offer web-based communication and social media tools. These federal-compatible TOS agreements allow federal employees to legally use these tools. Our document conversion service fully complies with the government, ensuring that your digitized documents with potentially sensitive information are protected.

Worldwide eBook distribution

Worldwide eBook distribution

All your authors’ eBooks are distributed to 60+ online retail stores, including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and more, PLUS distribution through Baker & Taylor. Check out more on our eBook distribution services and eBook publishing.

File Conversions

From simple to complex conversions, BookBaby has the expertise to handle your documents and records. We convert from all popular digital file types, including PDFs and InDesign.

Account management

Account management

We make document management easy. Manage your entire library across all your eBook retailers through one centralized account. Our easy-to-use accounting dashboard allows you to track and analyze sales data from all online retailers in our digital records.

BookBaby has deep experience in digital distribution

As a member of the CD Baby family of brands (the world’s largest online distributor of independent music with over $280 million paid directly to artists), BookBaby is well-positioned to help publishers, agents, and authors cope with the new realities of eBooks.

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