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Publish and Sell Your eBook on Amazon KDP Select!

Get all the benefits of Kindle Select plus BookBaby's worldwide eBook distribution.

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Amazon KDP Select

The best of both worlds

As a self-published author, you want what many publishing companies can’t offer: total and complete ownership of your work. By choosing to self-publish through BookBaby, you’ll have the autonomy that you desire. While you want to have independence, there’s another factor to consider, and that’s making your book available to the masses through a publishing service such as Amazon KDP.

Now every published author we work with can enjoy all the benefits of the Kindle Select Publishing program, plus the opportunity to expand sales through BookBaby’s industry-leading global distribution network featuring Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Libby, Hoopla, and dozens more.

Why self-publish your eBook with BookBaby’s Amazon Priority service instead of going to Amazon directly?

BookBaby’s Amazon Priority service
  • Reach millions of readers with the Amazon KDP Select promotional pricing plans and Kindle Unlimited to launch your book.
  • Get to market fast and keep control of your rights.
  • Hassle-free eBook file conversion by our conversion professionals.
  • Introduce your book to readers worldwide with BookBaby’s eBook retail network—the largest in self-publishing.
  • Sell directly to your readers with Bookshop™ and earn 85% royalties on all eBook sales.
  • Track your eBook’s sales progress with trending reports.
  • Expert customer service is readily available to help.
  • Best of all–you get all these benefits through one convenient BookBaby account.

How it works

1. Select eBook Distribution at signup

Just choose the "Kindle Select + BookBaby eBook distribution" option in your BookBaby account Project Center.

2. Debut your eBook through Amazon

Your eBook will be available exclusively on Amazon for the first 90-days, where you can use promotional tools to help stimulate sales. Choose either Free eBook Promotion, so your readers can get your eBook free for a limited time, or Kindle Count Deals, where you can discount your book for a limited time while still earning royalties up to 70% on sales.

Amazon KDP timeline

3. Sell around the globe

Once you opt-out of KDP Select on Amazon, you can easily make your eBook available for sale worldwide with BookBaby global distribution through your convenient BookBaby publishing account. That includes 60+ stores across 170 countries.

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Which distribution option should I choose?

Book distribution is included within all of BookBaby’s publishing packages.

We provide two different options for eBook distribution. Depending on your wants and needs, you can choose BookBaby Global Distribution or Amazon KDP Select + BookBaby Global Distribution.

Pros of Amazon KDP Select

  • Earn your share of the Kindle Direct Publishing Select Global Fund when customers read your books from Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.
  • Choose between two great promotional tools: Kindle Countdown Deals, time-bound promotional discounting for your book while earning royalties; or Free Book Promotion where readers worldwide can get your book free for a limited time.
  • Help readers discover your books by making them available through Kindle Unlimited in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Japan, and Australia, and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) in the U.S, U.K., Germany, France, and Japan.

Cons of Amazon KDP Select

  • Kindle Select requires exclusive distribution rights for 90-day periods. That means your title will solely be available through Amazon for at least 90 days from launch and will not be available for sale in any other retail store during this timeframe. If you select this option, BookBaby won’t be able to cancel it for 90 days. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Your commitment to Kindle Select will automatically renew for additional 90-day periods until you log into your BookBaby account and choose to opt out of the Kindle Select program. By doing this, you’ll authorize BookBaby to distribute your title to the rest of our distribution network.