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If hardcover books are best for show, then paperback books are best on the go. A reader keeps a good book close and paperbacks help keep that companionship strong. They’re small and lightweight, making them perfect to travel with throughout the day. Paperbacks (aka softcover or softbacks) are also popular for many book styles including children’s, young adult fiction, romance, poetry, graphic novels, and religious books.

From wrapping up a chapter during lunch to falling asleep mid-sentence at night,

there’s no better way to stay connected to your readers than with digest or trade paperback books.

No matter your style, BookBaby can help you bring your paperback book to life with cover design, page formatting, and the highest-quality paper in the business.

Paperback books are most popular with these book styles:

Romance Pocket Book 4.25" x 6.87"

Pocket Book 4.25" x 6.87"

Softcover, Perfect Binding, 60lb natural
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Religion US Trade 6" x 9"

US Trade 6" x 9"

Softcover, Perfect Binding, 60lb natural
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Children's Square 10" x 10"

Square 10" x 10"

Softcover, Perfect Binding, 80lb gloss
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What is perfect binding?

Perfect Binding is the adhesive-based book binding style of choice for most softcover books. After the back folds have been cut off, the pages are bound by gluing, instead of stitching or stapling, like in a magazine. BookBaby requires a minimum of 40 pages for perfect bound book printing.

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