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How to Publish on Amazon

Unlock Your Amazon Keywords

Authors know Amazon is the best place to sell their work, but plenty of questions surround the retail behemoth: How do I publish my book on Amazon? How does Amazon work? How do you take advantage of its tools? And how do you make your book stand out among millions of authors with similar goals?

Our free guide, How to Publish on Amazon: Make the Most of Your Book Sales, answers those questions, and covers a range of essential info you must know before navigating the Amazon jungle:

  • A step-by-step approach to working with Amazon
  • How and when Amazon pays book sale royalties
  • Why free book publishing ≠ a better experience
  • Weighing the pros & cons of Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Why Amazon isn’t the only place to sell your book

How to Publish on Amazon is required reading for all authors—amateur and adept alike—that want to position their work for more success on Amazon.

Download this free guide to help you get the most out of Amazon self publishing.

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