Find your way to self-publishing success in just 5 easy steps

5 Steps to Self Publishing

Self-publishing is a journey filled with plenty of twists, turns, and roadblocks. But now aspiring authors can clear the path with the first installment of BookBaby’s How To Self Publish A Book series, 5 Steps To Self-Publishing—your step-by-step guide that navigates the entire self-publishing process, including:

  • How to self publish a book from start to finish
  • What are the benefits of self-publishing?
  • Critical information about editing your book
  • Why your book cover can mean hero or zero
  • The importance of publishing printed books and digital books
  • How to excel in the marketplace with social media and metadata

This 62-page book is absolutely free and a must-read for any writer who needs help finding their way to becoming a successful independent author. Download your copy now.

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