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Introducing Facebook Ads for Authors.

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Thousands of authors from all genres are enjoying tremendous sales results by advertising their books on Facebook. With its huge user base and targeted marketing approach, Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for self-published authors looking to market their books and build their readerships.

Why do Facebook ads work for many authors?

Why do Facebook ads work for many authors?

1.47 billion people are active on Facebook every day, making it the world’s most popular social network. Each person who sets up an account on Facebook readily shares their information: Likes, favorite movies, favorite books, favorite actors, brands and much more. This critical information allows savvy book marketers to target people most likely to purchase their books.

Authors who advertise on Facebook have the power to understand, attract, and engage with more potential readers than ever before. It’s a book marketer’s dream come true!

Choose BookBaby to be your Facebook ad team

Choose BookBaby to be your Facebook ad team

Advertising on Facebook can be challenging at first—especially if you don’t have general experience with social networking or book promotion. But that’s where our social media experts come in: they have the skills and knowledge to create a professional Facebook ad campaign that targets an audience of readers who are likely to have interest in your book.

We’ll handle everything:

  • Campaign creation—Before we start your campaign, one of our marketing experts will analyze your book metadata and create a highly targeted audience of Facebook members who are likely potential readers of your book.
  • Ad design—We’ll then create and launch a compelling ad that leads readers straight to your BookBaby Bookshop sales page.
  • Reporting—You’ll receive weekly emails detailing your campaign’s performance, including how many readers clicked through to your sales page.

How it works

Once you’ve enrolled in a book distribution program, there are three easy steps to advertising your book on Facebook:

1. Order and specify your ad campaign

Login to your BookBaby account dashboard and create your ad campaign in the Facebook Ad Manager section. Then just select the title you want to advertise, set your weekly budget and the number of weeks that you want to promote it for.

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2. We create your campaign
($199 $99/ad)

Introductory rate
Pairing our team’s social media expertise and your readers’ demographics data, we’ll create an advertising campaign that includes:

•Professional metadata review
•Expert visual and copy execution
•Tailored Facebook audience targeting
•Ad Proof Approval
•Weekly progress report emails

You’ll receive your Facebook ad campaign proof for approval 2-3 business days after you submitted your order.

Introductory rate

3. Track your progress with weekly reports

After you approve your ad, we’ll schedule it with Facebook to appear on your audience’s Facebook news feeds. While your advertising campaign is running, you’ll receive weekly emails detailing your campaign’s performance, including the total number of times your ad has been seen, how many people have seen it, and how many people clicked through to your book’s sales page.

Track your progress with weekly reports

Do Facebook ads guarantee book sales?

Let’s be clear: There are no guarantees Facebook advertising generates book sales. However, not promoting your book guarantees readers won’t even see your book.

Finding readers will always be one of your greatest challenges. But Facebook is, and will continue to be, one of the most powerful adverting resources available to independent authors. Partnering with our social media experts positions your book to get the most of advertising on Facebook.

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Terms and conditions: Only available to book titles actively enrolled in a BookBaby eBook or Print On Demand distribution program. One week/$100 minimum campaign budget. All ad campaign sales final after proof approval. Ad campaigns canceled before proof approval will be refunded their advertising budget but not the ad creation fee. Ad campaign performance emails are sent every Monday or Tuesday of each week containing the reach, impressions, and link clicks that your ad generated to your book’s sales page. BookBaby Facebook ad campaigns do not guarantee book sales.