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It’s never too soon to start marketing your book

Learn one-on-one from book industry experts—on your schedule, and tailored to your genre and level of expertise—specific and actionable techniques to drive awareness to your book and author platform. Marketing your book can be overwhelming. These services are designed to take away the fear and put in the fun.

Our packages are customized to your skill level and needs. For example, if you’re a social media beginner, one of our experts will work with you to create your platform from scratch and teach you the basic rules of engagement. If you are already well-versed on a social media platform but would like to execute better, our advanced experts will custom-craft a plan to work with you to optimize your existing site, incorporate your book into your postings (without offending followers), decipher analytics, and/or understand potential advertising options.

Before your call, you’ll complete an author questionnaire giving your consultant time to research and tailor ideas specific to your book, genre, and goals. At the end of the service, you’ll receive handouts to help you continue developing ideas and techniques.

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You’ll receive your welcome email and questionnaire within 24 hours.


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Answer our questionnaire and tell us about you and your publishing goals.


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Participate in a 60-minute training phone call with your book marketing consultant.


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Your consultation wraps up with educational materials to guide you along your way.

Look below and choose the service(s) you think best serve your needs.

Book Marketing Planner

Book Marketing Planner just $499 $399

Introductory pricing – Save $100!

Do you want to promote your book before you even start writing? Or do you want to give your published title the attention it deserves? Whatever your goals, you need a plan—and your experienced book marketing consultant will help tailor a successful plan based on your book’s genre, personality, and timeline. If you’re planning your upcoming book launch, we’ll focus on suggesting ideas for your overall strategy and timeline, tips to establish your online presence, and planting your stake in the ground with effective content marketing. If your book is already available, we’ll review your Amazon page, provide overall suggestions and discuss ideas to build awareness for your book based on where you are today.

Prior to your one-hour consultation call, we’ll research the overall platform and successful initiatives of similar titles and authors in your genre. We’ll study the kinds of strategies and tactics that are working best with your competition. Then, during your one-hour Book Marketing Planner consultation, we’ll focus on:

  • Setting expectations to reach your specific goals
  • The best ways to reach your target audience
  • Key suggestions for your online author presence including your website, blog, and social media platforms

Best for...
Authors in the early stages of writing or any stage of a book launch. It’s a great way to help plan out a new release or to get an older title the attention it deserves.

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Maximizing your Amazon retail listing

Maximizing your Amazon listing just $499 $399

Introductory pricing – Save $100!

Amazon has the world’s largest book reading audience and one of the largest search engines in the world. So it’s vitally important that you do everything you can to be noticed in the marketplace. After you select this Amazon package we’ll go to work! Prior to your one-hour consultation call, we’ll research the Amazon listings and Author Central pages of similar titles and authors in your genre. We’ll study the kinds of strategies and tactics that are working best with your competition. Gaining this knowledge will help ensure your Amazon presence is as competitive as possible.

We’ll help you learn how you can boost your book’s discoverability on, build a strong book and author profile and presence, and teach you techniques to take full advantage of all the ways to showcase your book by:

  • Setting up/improving your Author Central page
  • Capitalizing on each section of your listing to best showcase you and your book
  • Correctly categorizing your book’s genre(s) to drive potential readers

Best for...
Any author in the publishing process and/or finished with book(s) who wants to increase their Amazon sales. And who doesn’t?!

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Social Media Book Promotion

Social Media Book Promotion just $499 $399

Introductory pricing – Save $100!

Learn the ins and outs of book promotion on the world’s most popular social media platforms and how to leverage their respective benefits. Prior to your one-hour consultation call, we’ll research the social media platforms of similar titles and authors in your genre. We’ll study the kinds of strategies and interactions that are working best for your competition. Then, in your call, we’ll evaluate your current profile and make recommendations to build your author platform, brainstorm content for your target audience, and show you how to engage, attract, and interact with your readers. Platform options include:

  • Twitter—Popular with all genres
  • Facebook—Popular with all genres
  • Instagram—Important for fiction, children’s, lifestyle/travel, health and wellness, and visual genres
  • Goodreads—Popular with all genres, especially fiction, children’s books, and memoirs
  • LinkedIn—Essential for business titles and authors looking to position themselves as experts

Best for...
Authors in the publishing process and/or finished with book(s) and want to learn and leverage social media platforms to help promote their book(s).

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In-Depth Book Marketing Planner

In-Depth Book Marketing Planner just $499 $399

Introductory pricing – Save $100!

After your Book Marketing Planner consultation, you’ll have the option to continue learning with one-hour, one-on-one discussions about specific author-led initiatives. This option is also ideal for authors with a foundation already set and a clear need to learn about a specific topic.

Choose one of several options

  • Soliciting and using book reviews
  • Working with local libraries and book clubs
  • Understanding local bookstores and setting up events
  • Book publicity/how to get you and your book exposure in the media
  • Building your expert profile through byline article writing
  • Tips on designing author website and blogs

Best for...
Authors who have their book marketing plan foundation set, ideally after going through the Book Marketing Planner. It is also for authors who know they have a clear need to learn about a specific topic.

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Smith Publicity

About Smith Publicity

Smith Publicity is the most experienced book marketing and book promotion agency in the industry. Since 1997, the company has promoted thousands of books in every genre from self-published, first-time authors to traditionally published household names.

Each day, authors and publishers hire Smith Publicity to help their work become part of the news.

Their 20+ years of success in experience promoting self-published authors is unequaled. Smith Publicity’s self-published authors have been featured in thousands of print, broadcast, online, book blogs, and podcast outlets worldwide. A small sampling includes appearances as experts/authors on TODAY, GMA, CNBC, FOX, The View, 20/20, 60 Minutes, 700 Club, Steve Harvey, byline articles placed in TIME Magazine, Fast Company, and Newsweek, radio interviews on NPR, regular columns on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur,, and Psychology Today, feature stories in The New York Times, Reader's Digest, O, The Oprah Magazine, and The Atlantic.

With offices in New Jersey and Toronto, and having worked with authors from over 15 countries, Smith’s reach is international. Smith Publicity has pioneered many of the industry's book promotion techniques, including using a “book as a business card.”

Smith Publicity prides themselves on working closely with their authors to design and execute highly tailored book marketing strategies to spark book discoverability and build or continue to build an author’s expert/author brand.

They offer a number of educational resources for authors including their blog, All Things Book Marketing Podcast, Book Publicity Newsletter, and YouTube videos.

Smith Publicity loves making good things happen for authors!

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