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eBook Publishing Pricing


eBook Self-Publishing Package

Our eBook publishing package includes everything you need to publish, promote, and sell your book worldwide.
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$199 $299
Good through January 31, 2015
Get published now

eBook Cover Design

The professionals of the BookBaby Design Studio will create a professional, eye-catching cover for your eBook to help you stand out from the rest.
See samples.






We’ll convert all your graphic images including photographs, artwork, illustrations, graphs, tables, and charts.

50 FREE image
(additional images are $2 per image)

Fixed Layout for iBooks

Fixed Layout eBooks are a popular format for certain eBooks that require their images and text to be fixed to exact spots on each page just like their printed book counterparts. This package includes conversion of your high-resolution PDF file into an Fixed Layout eBook designed especially for Apple iBooks.

plus eBook publishing package


BookPromo™ is an exclusive package of author-powered book marketing products and services to help spread the word about their new book. Authors can promote their books through free book reviews, placement on book discovery sites and much more.

FREE to all BookBaby authors


BookShop™ offers you a webpage and an ecommerce option so you can sell direct to your readers, delivering your book in three different formats. Best of all you’ll make more on each sale through BookShop™ – 85% of your retail sales price is paid to you.

FREE to all BookBaby authors


A unique ISBN barcode for your eBook so our partners can identify your eBook in the digital marketplace and report sales accordingly.


eBook Content Changes

For spelling and/or minor grammar fixes for your previously submitted eBook, please contact us with the changes you would like to make. You may make multiple changes in a single set of corrections. Includes reconversion and redelivery to all eBook Retailers.

$50: 1-10 changes
$75: 11-25 changes
$100: 26-50 changes
$150 per hour: 51+ changes

Pricing and Metadata Changes

For changes to your eBook’s long and short descriptions, pricing, author bio, genre, and/or keywords, please contact us with the changes you would like to make. Includes redelivery to all retail partners.

FREE: Limit one round of changes every 60 days. Our online retailers need this time to ensure information is properly updated.

Best of all, keep 100% of your net earnings from your eBook sales!

We keep nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero!

Contact BookBaby

Have questions about the eBook publishing process? No problem, we’re here to help. Please use the form below to send us questions about your eBook project and someone will get back to you. (You may also reach us by phone Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm PST at 877-961-6878)

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You’ve finished your novel. Now what?

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