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The web browser you're using to surf the web is so old it’s embarrassing. But hey, we hope you consider us a friend, the kind of friend you can count on to tell you when there's spinach stuck between your teeth. So here it goes: every time you surf the web with that antiquated web browser it’s like you have spinach in your teeth. Every time you get online, spinach!

Look, we don't want you to be the butt of any more jokes when the sites you visit don't load or function properly. So please - for your own sake - click on one of the links for your preferred browser below, and get that spinach out of your teeth for good.

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The End. Now What?!

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The End, Now What?!

Completing a book is a big achievement, but your work
is far from over.

With so many steps involved (editing, design, eBook conversion, distribution, marketing, and more), many authors are understandably intimidated the next steps in the book publishing process. In this exclusive eBook, BookBaby President Steven Spatz outlines a simple 6-week strategy to help you create a book that will catch readers’ attention, get reviewers talking, and take you to the next level in your writing career.

This free eBook covers:

  • Manuscript tips from a New York Times bestselling author
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  • Often overlooked aspects of book merchandizing
  • The importance of cover design
  • And more!

Free for all NaNoWriMo authors.

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