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Publish your book as a Copia eBook

Sell your book worldwide on TheCopia.com, a popular eBook store with a social twist!
Basic ePub conversion included for free.

Publish your book as a Copia eBook

Copia customers are encouraged to "annotate" digital texts. For instance, if you're reading a travel book and want to add your own restaurant recommendations for a particular town, you can easily leave a note "in the margins" of your Copia eBook to share with your friends.

This interactivity enriches the reading experience, providing extra depth, knowledge, and context. Copia customers can also join or start group conversations about the books they're reading. Copia makes this social reading experience possible not only through their free Copia eReader, but also via free-apps for Mac, PC, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and more! The Copia Store is included on millions of tablets and smartphones, and their catalog is available to over 900 college bookstores. Since you can read Copia eBooks on any platform that accepts the ePub format, you'll be extending your digital reach to owners of nearly every eReader.

When you publish your eBook through BookBaby, we'll make it available to purchase on TheCopia.com. For every sale, you'll be paid 70% of the list price. Copia keeps 30%, and we keep nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero, passing 100% of net revenue back to you!


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