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The web browser you're using to surf the web is so old it’s embarrassing. But hey, we hope you consider us a friend, the kind of friend you can count on to tell you when there's spinach stuck between your teeth. So here it goes: every time you surf the web with that antiquated web browser it’s like you have spinach in your teeth. Every time you get online, spinach!

Look, we don't want you to be the butt of any more jokes when the sites you visit don't load or function properly. So please - for your own sake - click on one of the links for your preferred browser below, and get that spinach out of your teeth for good.

We’re glad we were able to have this talk.

Publish Your Book on Nook

Sell your eBook worldwide. Free basic eBook conversion included.

Publish your book on the popular Nook eReader and your eBook will be made available worldwide. Your book will share virtual shelf space with the latest New York Times' best sellers, Pulitzer Prize winners and time-honored classics.

Publish on Barnes and Noble Nook

When you distribute with BookBaby, we'll convert your book to eBook format for free. So your book will look awesome on any device.

You set the price of your eBook and you keep all the profits. And don't forget, BookBaby will publish your book on Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad, the Sony Reader and more - at no extra cost.

Whether you want to sell enhanced books or sprawling illustrated works, The NOOK device has a full-color touch-screen that allows for a truly unique, interactive reading experience.

Most eBooks are priced at $9.99 or less, but you can sell your eBook on the NOOKbook store for any price you like. Even if Barnes & Noble offers your eBook on NOOK at a discount, they'll pay you 50% of your list price.

While browsing inside a Barnes & Noble store location, NOOK users will be allowed to preview any available NOOKbooks title for free. Plus, you can lend eBooks to other NOOK users for up to 14 days.


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