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Tell the world about your new book - BookPromo™

Tell the world about your new book

The tools you need to build the buzz for your book – free with every BookBaby package.

Get published now

BookPromo™ – now featuring Goodreads to help you build a buzz and drive sales for your new BookBaby eBook or printed book.

Our authors kept asking us the same questions. How do I get my book reviewed? Who are my local press contacts? Where do I begin with my promotional campaign? Most importantly: How do I let people know about my book?

We decided to do something about it. We teamed up with many of the industry’s top promotional companies to offer an exceptional package that will give authors all the necessary tools to get the word out about their books and build a loyal readership base.

We call it BookPromo™. It’s free to all BookBaby authors.

What’s included:

Here’s a summary of your BookPromo™ package:

  • • NEW! eBook discovery placements with Goodreads and Noise Trade
  • • Guaranteed book reviews with Readers’ Favorite and Story Cartel
  • • Promotion through PR Newswire, Author Marketing Club, and WriterCube
  • • Discounts for PR and book trailers
  • • Exclusive guide: Ultimate Social Media Marketing for Authors

How to get it:

BookPromo™ is free to all BookBaby authors. Once you do an eBook or printed book project with us we will send you info on how to sign up for all your free promotional tools and discounts. That’s it!

eBook Discovery

Goodreads – Reserved listing

All BookBaby published eBooks are automatically listed with Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations.

NoiseTrade Books – Premium listing

Build your own marketing database by giving away eBook samples in exchange for readers’ email addresses.

Free Reviews

Readers’ Favorite — Express Review

Readers’ Favorite provides FREE book reviews and posts those reviews on its site, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

Story Cartel — Preferred Partner Review

Story Cartel harnesses the virtually unlimited power of readers producing crowd-sourced reviews that go straight to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, blogs and more.

Free Promotion Tools

NEW! Self-Publishing Review

BookBaby authors receive a free author mini interview, blog posting and a 20% discount on full reviews.

Author Marketing Club — 3-month Premium Membership

Author Marketing Club assists authors with marketing help, providing tools and resources and online learning and training to authors so they can have a successful book marketing campaign and launch. Includes a free Book Feature and Book Promotion email blast.

WriterCube — 12 month Marketing Database Membership

Unlimited access to a huge book marketing database – over 20K contacts including media contacts. Editors and publicists, literary magazines, thousands of bookstores and libraries, and much more.

NEW! Bublish

Authors gain access to a free Bublish Emerging Author Dashboard to share excerpts – or “bubbles” – breaking your book into hundreds of smaller stories allowing you to share them with readers through social media.

Author Discounts

Smith Publicity Promotion Services — $100 discount towards any promotional service

Since 1997, Smith Publicity has promoted more than 1,600 books in every genre–from New York Times Best Seller titles to first time, self-published authors.

Circle of Seven Productions — $150 towards any book trailer production

COS Productions is the leading producer of book trailers, book teasers and online distribution for book trailers and videos. Basic trailers start for as little as $350.

PR Newswire — 12-month membership to PR Newswire

PR Newswire has put together the PR Toolkit, which offers practical tips, educational articles, writing samples and actionable advice to help you drive traffic to your Web site, raise visibility, generate leads, and increase sales. It begins with learning how to write a simple press release that, when distributed over PR Newswire, can introduce your company to thousands of consumers and media outlets around the world – or in your own backyard. In addition to $2,000 in free and discounted services, BookBaby authors get a 12-month membership to PR Newswire and access to the PR Toolkit.

Targeted Advertising

NEW! Riffle

BookBaby authors will receive a 75% discount on ad placement in the Riffle Select daily email to thousands of genre-specific readers.

NEW! Book Riot

BookPromo authors receive discounts on ads in the Riot Ad Network, the largest bookish ad network with a reach of 9 million monthly unique visitors across 200+ websites.

NEW! BookDaily

BookBaby authors can post the first chapter of their book for reader review, book marketing tool and an extra 25,000 impressions when they purchase email newsletter ad packages, going out to thousands of engaged readers.

Exclusive Guide

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