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Google Display Ads for Self-Published Books

Showcase your book on your readers’ favorite websites.

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(Minimum budget: $100 per week)

  • 3 weeks - $200/week (build page traffic effectively) 3 weeks - $350/week (recommended for a short campaign) 4 weeks - $100/week (minimum weekly amount) 6 weeks - $350/week (optimal for ad effectiveness) 8 weeks - $150/week (maintain constant page traffic)
  • Display Ad Quote (07.16.2024)
  • Campaign Development Fee $199.00
  • Price (excludes tax)

  • Promo codes can be added after quote is configured

Display Ads for Authors

You can't read a book you don't see

Friends and family tend to be the only people who know how to find your bookshop online and where to buy your book online. So if you want more readers to reach your target audience, you have to lead them there. And one of the best ways to find new readers where they can buy your book is with Display Ads for Authors.

Digital advertising is an incredibly powerful book marketing tool that can boost sales and raise awareness for books. With its low cost and easy to target capabilities, digital advertising can give a huge boost to book sales. A display advertising campaign can help reach out to new readers and boost the book's profile in its genre. There are different kinds of display advertising like display ads, search ads, banner ads , video ads, and more.

Display Ads for Authors uses the Google Display Network to advertise your book online. Thanks to versatile targeting options—and two million websites that reach 90% of all Internet users—it's an easy and effective way to advertise to readers in your genre. Our new service specifically places display ads that promote your book on the websites most likely to be visited by your potential readers.

Display Ads for Authors

Where will your ad be seen?

Display Network websites

See a list of popular websites

Our experts do the heavy lifting for you

  • Ad Development—We'll target the readers most interested in your book.
  • Ad Design—We'll create and launch an ad campaign that leads readers to your designated book sales page.
  • Ad Reporting—You can track all of your ad performance data from your account dashboard.

Display Ad Examples

Display Ad Campaign Examples

How it works

Specify your ad campaign

Specify your ad campaign

Set your weekly budget and the number of weeks you want your promotion to run.

We create your campaign ($199 per ad)

We create your campaign

After you tell us a bit about your book, our professionals will make a targeted advertising campaign that includes metadata review, expert design, and compelling copy. Your ad proof will be ready for your approval 2-3 business days after placing your order.

Track your progress

Track your progress

Once approved, your ad will run on the websites most popular with your readers. You can view your campaign performance data from your account dashboard, including the total number of times your ad has been seen, how many people have seen it, and how many people clicked through to your book sales page.

Why advertise your book with BookBaby?

Why advertise your book with BookBaby?

Creating and scheduling display ads can be tough if you’re inexperienced with digital advertising or book promotion. But our experts stay on top of the latest digital advertising news and are ready to create a professional ad campaign that gets your book in front of potential book buyers.

Display Ads for Authors helps you:

Display Ads for Authors helps you:

  • Reach more readers.
  • Elevate your brand.
  • Make more book sales.
Social Ads for Authors

Social Ads for Authors

Expand your exposure and reach billions of potential readers on the leading social platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many books will I sell?

One of the first questions we usually get from authors about our Ads for Authors program is “How many books will I sell?” The unfortunate answer is: We don’t know – it could be zero, or it could be a needle mover. You see, selling books depends on many factors, including:

  • How much are you able to invest in advertising, and for how long?
  • How active are you on social media, and how many followers do you have?
  • Are you doing any offline marketing activities, like book signings or giveaways?
  • Do you have a mailing list to whom you can promote your book?
  • Have you published other books before, or are you a new author?
  • And yes, is your book good enough to generate a buzz among readers?

All of these factors and more contribute to the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Read more

Terms and conditions: One week/$100 minimum campaign budget. All ad campaign sales final after proof approval. Ad campaigns canceled before proof approval will be refunded their advertising budget but not the ad creation fee. Ad campaign performance can be tracked from your BookBaby account in real-time. Metrics include reach, impressions, and link clicks.