5 steps to self publishing All the essential information you need to go from manuscript to marketplace
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Step Four – Choosing your Book Distribution Options

Like the tree crashing down in the empty forest, even the best of books will only be successful if put in front of the widest possible audience.

Lots of authors only sell through Amazon. BIG MISTAKE! They’re losing out on 40% of their potential readers from companies like Apple, Google and others who sell millions of books.

Print on Demand – also called POD – is a money-saving game changer for self published authors. Our guide explains what it is and how you can enjoy worldwide distribution of printed books.

Your book needs to be on sale EVERYWHERE, including your own direct-to-reader eCommerce page. Download our 5 Step Guide and get a distribution plan that puts your book in front of the maximum number of potential readers.

Download your copy of the guide.

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