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Step Five – Planning Your Promotion And Marketing

Just because it’s the fifth of five steps doesn’t mean marketing has to come last in the process. Many successful authors start marketing before they’ve written word one. The fact is that book marketing is important before, during and especially after the self publishing process.

We’ve boiled down the basics of book marketing to these key areas:

Book Reviews are the ultimate in “word of mouth” marketing, still the most powerful referral engine on earth.

Metadata is all of the information that describes, explains and lists your book in bookstores like Amazon. You need to know why it’s worth spending the time and effort to do it right.

Email remains the most powerful selling tool in your kit, while Social Media is the key to your online author platform. Our guide gives you a head start on both channels.

Now we’ve reached the end of the beginning. Download the 5 Steps To Self Publishing Guide so that you can eventually find your own happy ending for your book career.

Download your copy of the guide.

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