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Tell the world about your new book - BookPromo™

The marketing tools you need to tell the world about your book

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A powerful set of book promotion tools and services

Promotion is the holy grail for independent authors. After all, what good is getting your book on Amazon if no one knows to look for it?

That’s where BookPromo™ comes in. We teamed up with the industry’s top book marketing companies to offer an exceptional package that will give you all the necessary tools you need to get the word out about your book and build a loyal readership base.

And best of all, it’s free with any eBook or custom printed book publishing package from BookBaby.
Who doesn’t want free book promotion?


Book Discovery

Book Discovery

Discoverability—the ability for readers to discover your book—is as highly sought as it is difficult to attain.

We’ve partnered with several companies that offer book promotion tools that will make it happen for your book: Goodreads, which has over 20 million members and is the world‘s largest site for readers and book recommendations, and NoiseTrade Books, which lets you build your own marketing database by giving away eBook samples in exchange for readers’ email addresses. Our partner Bublish helps you effectively promote your book and share excerpts of your book through social media. BookBaby authors will also be able to post the first chapter of their book for reader review at the popular reader site Book Daily.

Guaranteed Reviews

Guaranteed Free Book Reviews

Critical to book marketing, reviews can help legitimize your book and help create a groundswell of new readers.

They are also often difficult to obtain. Some companies charge hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for a book review. With BookPromo, every BookBaby author receives a free professional book review from Readers’ Favorite and crowd sourced book reviews from Story Cartel. These reviews will be key in promoting your book and jumpstarting your book’s success.

Author memberships and discounts

Exclusive Author Memberships and Discounts

We’ve negotiated with many leading companies in the book publishing industry to provide BookBaby authors with significant memberships and discounts on valuable book promotion tools, products and services to boost your sales:

  • Free membership on Author Marketing Club will connect you with other authors to exchange book marketing tips and secrets.
  • Get a $100 discount towards any promotional service from Smith Publicity Promotion Services.
  • Send discounted press releases through PR Newswire with a 12-month membership and access to their PR Toolkit.
  • Take $150 off any book trailer production from Circle of Seven Productions, the leading producer of book trailers and book teasers.
  • Advertise through Riffle’s huge reader database and get a 75% discount on ad placement in the Riffle Select daily email.
  • Save on discounted web ads in the Book Riot Ad Network.
  • Get up to 20% off reviews and editing, and receive a free book launch interview from Self-Publishing Review.
The Best of the Best Social Media Tips for Authors

Exclusive Free Social Media Guide

The Best of the Best Social Media Tips for Authors

SPECIAL EDITION FOR BOOKPROMO™ AUTHORS — The marketing team at BookBaby has compiled the best of the best in social media techniques – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and more – for the most effective book marketing. Edited by BookBaby chief blogger Chris Robley, this exclusive guide offers tips and techniques that you can use now — TODAY — to kick your book promotion into high gear.

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