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Book Scanning Services

Transfer any paper book to a clear, searchable PDF and editable Word document.

Bound Book Scanning

We talk to a lot of authors who want to publish an eBook, but only have a printed version of their book. They need a way to get the necessary electronic files, such as a .pdf or .doc, to get started.

Here's the solution to their problem: Bound Book Scanning, a mail-in book scan service. They offer affordable methods of transferring any paper book to a clear, searchable PDF and editable Word doc. Bound Book Scanning uses professional-grade equipment, careful handling, and customized processing to ensure top quality results. There's no minimum order and they offer fast turnaround times.

Fast and Affordable

You can get an instant quote for your scanning project at the Bound Book Scanning website. Each book is just $13.95 plus $.06 per page. For the average 200 page book, that's just $25.95. Once you mail in your materials, they'll digitize your book and send you your files in just 1-2 days.

SAVE 10% on your order

Bound Book Scanning is a BookBaby partner! Use the code BOOKBABYD10 at checkout!

Bound Book Scanning
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